10 albums that redefined black metal music

Ghost Bath knows a thing or two about redefining black metal. Since their formation in 2012, the band has been so engrossed in confusion and stylistic asymmetry that pinning any defining characteristic of them to any time period has been so redundant, becoming one of the most recognizable names in post-black metal in the process. “When I start a new project, I find there is some kind of catalyst,” explains guitarist/singer Denis Mikola.

“[I look for] A piece of music or art inspires me and allows me to understand this particular genre in a way I have never thought of before – to escape the confines of the ‘box’, most people define things as and to come up with new ideas, unique heights and mixtures. In the case of black metal, that spark came from Agalloch soul marrow. I began to think of black metal more as a tool or medium rather than a set of rules that I had to abide by.”

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