Albert Shuttle’s permanent groove bids farewell on New Year’s Eve in Athens

Sattle has been involved in the drumming business with the band’s new drummer, Darren Stanley, at various times of the night.

by Scott Bernstein January 3, 2022 12:49 PM PST

Eternal long groove drummer Albert Satellite He made his last appearance with the band during their three-group New Year’s Eve concert on Friday at the Georgia Theater in Athens, Georgia. Satell previously announced that he would be separating from the group after the New Year’s Eve show after a 20-year period.

New drummer Perpetual Groove Darren Stanley Take part in drumming missions with Suttle on December 31. Suttle was behind the full set of the first quartet in Athens. PGroove opened with both parts of “All This Everything”, which is the lead single from their 2004 studio album. The band stuck to LP material such as “Long Past Settled In” and followed by “So Much As Goodbye”. Recent “Super Mario Brothers” theme featured inside. Next was the extended “Crockett & Tubbs” before “Atlantis” featuring both drums and narration from Albert finished the set.

Satell was working on the drums for “Cairo,” which sang the second set on New Year’s Eve. Darren Stanley then took the second drum seat for “Crapshoot” and “Spirit Bear” before taking over as the only drummer for the pairings of “Mayday” and “Save For One”. Subsequently, Stanley and Sattle were behind PGroove’s debut in The Rolling Stones classic “Sway,” which featured Ansley Stewart to sing. Albert stayed on drums to pair “Robot Waltz” and “Three Weeks” to finish off the second set at NYE.

PGroove went with a roughly 20-minute version of the fan-favourite “Teakwood Betz” featuring Albert Suttle behind the set to kick off the evening’s third set. Subsequently, Stanley appeared as both drummers contributed to the traditional “Auld Lang Syne” and a cover of Talking Heads “This must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” to kick off the 2022 tournament. Ansley Stewart assisted with the latest version as well as the two drummer versions of ” TTFPJ” and “Do Your Own Thing” which came next before Albert was behind the group to close out the “SunDog” group. Perpetual Groove ended the Albert Suttle era with the advent of “Space Madness” / “Only Always”. Both Sattle and Stanley played drums in the encore with Stewart’s addition to the “Only Always” finale.

One Set: It’s All Pt. [email protected]It’s all pt. [email protected], settled in the long past [email protected], as much as [email protected] > Super Mario Brothers [email protected] > much like [email protected], Crockett and [email protected]Atlantis #

the second group: [email protected], Crapshoot #, Spirit Bear #, Mayday & > Save For One &, Sway # ^%, Robot [email protected], three [email protected]

The third group: teak [email protected], Auld Lang Syne # > Naive Melody # ^ , TTFPJ # ^ , Do whatever you want # ^ , [email protected]

Encore: Space Paranoids # , just always # ^

  • % – first played
  • # – drummer
  • @ – Albert on drums
  • & – Darren on drums
  • ^ – w/ Anslee Stewart on vocals

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