Hoping Club will invest in startup in the field of digital

Hoping Club will invest in startup in the field of digital

London, UK, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hoping Club, a global asset management and investment organization, revealed that it will invest in a startup in the field of digital crypto in Singapore, and the specific details are under negotiation. The investment is led by thunder flight, the Singapore Branch of Hoping Club, to help … Read more

Startups chase venture debt companies as equity route narrows

Startups chase venture debt companies as equity route narrows

Bengaluru: Venture debt firms are in high demand at startups following a sharp slowdown in funding through the equity capital route. Startups across fintech, edtech, Software-as-a-Service (Saas) and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands are tapping this option, said, industry experts. “As the equity markets turn volatile, particularly in growth and late stage, a lot of companies have … Read more

Biotech startup founded by Penn first years wins $85,000 at Startup Challenge

(Left to right) Engineering first year Udit Garg, College and Wharton first year Aravind Krishnan, College first year Aarush Sahni, College first year Andrew Diep-Tran, and Wharton Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship Lori Rosenkopf. ToxiSense, a biopharmacology venture founded by four Penn first years, seeks to develop a cheaper and more sustainable test for clean drinking … Read more

#TechCEO: How Remitly CEO Matt Oppenheimer Started With His Remittance Startup

Remittance startups have been a huge help for migrants who want to send money to their relatives. These companies make money transfer easier and more convenient for people’s lives. For this part, we will talk about one of the most prominent remittance firms in the world, Remitly, which was founded by CEO Matt Oppenheimer more … Read more

Plano Telehealth Startup Raises $14.1M, Southlake VC Raising Two New Funds, Unleashed Brands Looks for a Buyer, Bishop Cider Buys Two Local Brewers, and More » Dallas Innovates

What companies are finding funding or having a big exit? From startup investments to grants and acquisitions, Dallas Innovates tracks what’s happening in North Texas money. Sign up for our e-newsletter, and share your deal news here. As the adoption of remote health care continues, a Plano-based startup is looking to expand in the space. … Read more

Founder alleges that YC-backed fintech startup is ‘copy-and-pasting’ its business – TechCrunch

A new startup lifting elements of competing businesses is far from unusual in today’s venture world, but sometimes competing founders don’t find the imitation all that flattering. Andy Bromberg, CEO of the a16z-backed startup Eco, is claiming that Pebble, another fintech startup that came out of stealth this morning, “plagiarized” Eco’s materials and business model. … Read more

Used-car marketplace Sylndr lands $12.6M pre-seed round, sets new record for MENA startups – TechCrunch

Monday May 23, 2022, and we’re listening to our brand-new podcast called the TechCrunch Podcast. In it, we talk to TechCrunch writers about the stories they’re most excited about. The first episode is live now, featuring Darrell and Taylor talking about … UFOs‽ — haje and Christina The TechCrunch Top 3 Hey, you, get into … Read more

In uncertain times, startups flock to coworking spaces

When Melissa Pancoast moved her financial literacy startup, The Beans, into a WeWork office in San Francisco’s Salesforce Tower last May, most of the offices around her were rented out but unoccupied. As vaccination rates climbed and San Francisco flirted with lifting pandemic restrictions, her neighbors started trickling back in. Pancoast’s social calendar soon filled … Read more

Save Now Pay Later Startups Seek To Tie Savers To Brands

A new generation of startups is turning the concept of ‘Buy now pay later’, or BNPL, on its head. Fintechs such as Multipl, Hubble and Tortoise operate on the ‘Save now pay later’, or SNBL, model in which users save money with merchants and benefit from the discounts that come with advance payments. All three … Read more