Does Drake take care of underage girls? 6 Times Drake Allegedly Made Little Girls

Is it time to undo Drake? Or, since “abolition of culture” is a kind of fictional prison sentence, is it time to hold Drake accountable for his actions? Maybe he interrupted his music?

No, I’m not referring to the fact that his latest album “Certified Lover Boy” was mediocre at best. I am referring to his alleged history and allegations of grooming young girls or underage women as an adult man – now 35 years old -.

In case you forgot all the times Canadian rappers were accused of grooming underage girls, we’ve rounded up the most famous ones for you.

Here are 6 times Drake allegedly dated underage girls.

1. Concert at the Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado, 2010

On May 17, 2010, Drake performed at the Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado, at the beginning of his career.

He released singles for his debut album, “Thank Me Later,” but had so many songs from his mixtape, “So Far Gone,” that he was even going to sing them on his promotional tour. The tour would eventually launch his career after he signed with the music label Young Money.

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During the concert, Drake called a fan onstage during an interlude, began kissing her neck and hugging her from the back, before saying he was “drifting” and asking her how old she was.


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