Ex-European guitarist Kei Marcelo blows poison “holes” because of his song’s “ripping”

Former European guitarist K Marcelo explodes with poison

While appearing on the ‘White Line Fever’ podcast, ex Europe guitar player Key Marcelo Talk about what his Swedish band glam rock was like in the 80’s Easy work Forced to take legal action against poison For allegedly “stealing” the course to Easy work Song “We Go Rocking” to poison hit the United States “I want to work”. Easy work He was said to have been granted a financial settlement in the case.

in order to Said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I take [in] Contact a producer poisonalbum [‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’]And Rick BrodyAnd he told me he brought Easy work album and Hanoi rocks The album to the studio when he did poison album, wear it “we go swinging” He suggested that the band make a cover out of it. And they said, ‘It’s a charming Swedish band. Who will know? They just tore us apart. and that is Rick Brody Personally say this. So it’s very clear that this happened.

“If I were to make such a mistake, I would say, ‘I’m so sorry. I am fed up. Oh man, I took your song. I’m so sorry. I will fix it for you. ” [But] To this day, believe it or not, they frankly deny it,” he continued poison played in Swedish rock festival, they held a press conference, and one of them asked – a lot of people asked – “What about Key Marcelo? what about Easy work? what about “we go swinging”? ‘ And they said:[We] I haven’t heard of any of these. And that was the end of it. Then people tried to move on, but they honestly denied it. This is so absurd. At least you agree that you are wrong sometimes.

“So, I don’t know. I don’t want to see those assholes.”

about how Easy work It ended up receiving a financial settlement in the case, in order to He said: The publisher [for ‘We Go Rocking’] is being Warner Chapel music. I [listed as the] one hundred percent [writer] From the music, there are three of us [who are credited for] Lyrics – singer and bass player and me – in “we go swinging”.

“The thing is, I was so busy when this happened, I didn’t get sued [POISON]; she was Warner Chapel music that brought them a lawsuit and threatened to prosecute them,” Marcelo to explain. “It was a really stupid deal. I wonder why they didn’t. Instead they settled out of court. But you know, when you settle, they don’t have to. [publicly admit] that they [did anything wrong]. If we were to judge them, I would have been a co-writer of their song, which I think would have been fair. This is how you admit that you were doing something wrong. because [if I had been listed as a co-writer on ‘I Want Action’]Every time they do their best poison Album and song there, some money goes to me. not now. We just got that amount of money settled out of court. If I were to be more involved with the whole thing… If there is one regret I have, it is not to drag their unfortunate idiots to court. “

Easy work They were formed in the early 1980s and were a pioneering band in the Swedish and Scandinavian glamorous rock scene. when a singer Tommy Nelson Joining the group in 1986, they moved toward a more radio-friendly sound for adults. album “That makes one” It attracted global attention but its momentum quickly stalled when Marcelo He left the band to achieve international success as the band’s new guitarist Europe. Nelson He became one of Sweden’s biggest pop stars, recording several huge local singles. After a number of successful years with EuropeAnd in order to He has released solo albums and autobiographies in addition to performing in the musical “Rock of Ages”, among other projects.

earlier incarnation Easy work, Is characterized by Zeny Zan On singing, they have been reunited in the past, but in 2019, they are reunited “That makes one” The formation of the group returns for the first time since 1986 exclusively in Swedish rock festival. Notable exhibition NelsonFirst return to the realm of hard rock in 33 years. The lineup also included a guitarist Chris LindGuitarist, Paulson got (treatsAnd Tyrion) and the previous Easy work live keyboard launcher Jürgen Engstrom.

earlier this year, Easy work Released a new song video “stunned”She wrote about the wave of populist propaganda that has reshaped the world in recent years.

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