Fivio Foreign reveals that he had sex with his sister’s sister

Fivio Foreign revealed a sexual encounter that should never have happened, but it did. The Brooklyn rapper revealed that he had sex with his sister’s sister while they were all in the same room. Let’s explain.

In the Dirty Street Confessions video with internet personality Supa Dupa Humble via his Instagram page, supadupahumble, which premiered Wednesday (January 12), 2022 XXL The Song of the Year nominee detailed a situation in which he had sex with his sister’s sister on her father’s side – unrelated to Fivio – while his biological sister was sleeping in the room.

“My sister left the house, didn’t she? She came back and spent the night at my house,” he explained. “Well, sister-in-law on her dad’s side, she wanted to fuck me. I was a kid, I was like high school.”

“I fucked her,” Fivio admitted.

Fivio added that his sexual adventures were the worst thing that could ever happen because his biological sister was sleeping in the same room.

Vivio concluded on his sexual attempt with his sister-in-law alongside her father: “I had to go through her pretty badly and I felt I shouldn’t have done it.”

To clarify, it appears that Fivio’s sister’s sister is not in the immediate family tree because he said “her father’s side”. Therefore, most likely, the other sister could have a completely different father and mother than Fifio.

In another video, Fivio revealed some of his coolest sexual encounters with Supa Dupa Humble.

“The most terrible thing you’ve ever done?” The rapper started “Big Drip”. “I had a threesome with a pregnant bitch and it was really horrifying. It was crazy. I didn’t eat her ass, but I did eat her ass.”

Fivio also explained his oral techniques in the bedroom.

“You should eat pussy first,” he said. “Heat it up to warm me up, and if I’m a little excited…I’m going crazy from her ass.”

When asked what a donkey tastes like, Favio said sarcastically, “Shit…”

Finally, Fivio revealed that he also suffers from a foot fetish and loves to suck on toes. He declared, “This is my thing.”

Then the 31-year-old Reimer detailed a job he offered from a woman. Apparently, his girlfriend’s tongue skills were subpar so Fivio told her to spin and put her feet up on his penis.

“So I’m like, yo, I like toes,” he said. “Put your feet on it.”

“I was spitting on him (his penis),” he continued. “I’d spit on her and let her do it with my toes and that was fine. I want another one.”

Fivio Foreign should talk to Meek Mill, who recently gave an interview about his sexual adventures with Supa Dupa Humble, and compare notes on the women’s feet and butts. genuinely.

Watch Fivio talk about his pretty wet job below.

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