Former Five Finger Death Punch Matt Snell joins the killing of Devil Hill

Death Punch With Her Five Ex-Finger Matt Snell joins the Devil Hill slaying

In a new interview with the former Bas Musician magazine Five finger death punch Guitar player Matt Snell Discuss his participation in Kill Devil HillPreviously appeared group, Pantera Guitar player Rex Brown The legendary drummer Vinny Abyss.

Said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “There are some small tweaks left, so we’re working on a release plan for that. [Producer] Chris Collier This record has already done. I’ve been a little busy with work [new] Corn He scored, so we were sent back for a few weeks, but he’s done that now. So the record is amazing. It actually looks great. I’m very excited about it.”

Regarding how he came to play the bass Kill Devil HillAnd not shiny He said: “[KILL DEVIL HILL guitarist] Marker [Zavon] You may reach out to me to play the bass for it. And I knew [KILL DEVIL HILL singer] Dewey [Bragg] for 20 years. We used to crowd together in the general store that day, the same place … At the moment practiced there. We trained there. dead, which has become At the moment, and then Five finger death punchWe were all this little village we used to live in. So it just didn’t make sense for me to join that band. It’s fun to play with Johnny Kelly Blessing. He’s just a great drummer. It’s that slower kind of sludge rock to me, so [there are] Big fat bass grooves I lie on instead of having to play fifty thousand notes per second. It’s really a fun vibe for me.”

Snell He added, “I remember listening to an old man under register [while I] I’d drive to work, and I’m, like, “Man, I’d really like to be in a band like this.” I think that was something I postponed to God, because he gave it to me.”

Shortly after he left Kill Devil Hill In early 2014, Vinny He said the group’s inability to gain much traction with their music was a major factor in his decision. However, recently, Vinny It was suggested that he quit the group because he “can’t handle” the fact that some of his bandmates were always late because Kill Devil Hill Activities for an hour and a half or even longer.

Vinnywho has played with him black sabbathAnd gave And heaven hell, the left Kill Devil Hill March 2014. Since then it has been replaced by the aforementioned Johnny Kelly (DanzigAnd type o negative).

Kill Devil Hill He released his second album, “Rise of the Revolution”, in October 2013 via Century Media Records.

Back in 2019, Zafon confirmed that Kill Devil Hill have recruited Nico Darnes To play the bass after leaving Brown.

Five finger death punch We parted ways Snell in December 2010 but did not announce his exit until April 2011. Five finger death punch guitar player Zoltan Bathory Later said shy gun killer who – which not shiny He was fired, adding that the guitarist “was not a member of the writing,” ensuring that the band’s sound was not affected.

Five finger death punchcurrent bass player, Chris KyleHe officially joined the band in June 2011.

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