Former Instrument Guitarist Phil DeMille: How I Got Michael and Rudolf Schenker to Sign My Guitar

Former Instrument Guitarist, Phil DeMille: How I Got Michael and Rudolf Schenker to Sign My Guitar

During a recent interview with music and medicine, former machine head and current violence The guitarist talked about how he got two of his guitar champs, Rudolph And Michael Schenker, to sign one of his V-shaped flying guitars from Jackson. He said (as he wrote it BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Michael Schenker played in UFO. play in scorpions When he was 15 years old. Just a miracle – just a normal guitarist. [He’s] A little crazy. I think he will admit it. But I like his style. You understand how he feels.

machine head he is playing wakin [Open Air] Festival in Germany, so it is 80 thousand people. This is madness. scorpions Play. They are already playing before machine head. So I met Rudolf Schenkerwho is in scorpions; He was playing the guitar himself. [That’s Michael‘s] brother. big son machine head admirer. We bumped into him in Metallica Show, I’m drunk with Rudy and his son So I got Rudy to sign it. This is Rudolph. So I understand Rudolph to sign it. and then Michael Schenker Coming to town. And I know the local promoter. So I go down. [I tell the promoter] “Hi, I have this guitar. Can I come down to check the sound and maybe Mikhail Signed it?’ [And he said], “Yes, put it down. That’s the name of the tour manager. So [the tour manager] He gives me a call. And he’s all, ‘Yeah. Come downstairs. He’ll sign it. It’s all, ‘Well, what if I asked him if you could just play [UFO‘s] Doctor Doctor with him? You just get up and play. So I’m all, ‘Don’t fuck me, man. Don’t catch me and then say it won’t happen. Don’t take this away. So he talks to Mikhail. [Michael said], “Yes, let him go up.” And as I said, MikhailIt’s a little crazy. I was just waiting all day for something [happen]. Like the amp does not work in soundcheck. And I’m, like, “Okay. Here we go. He’ll pull the plug on him. But he didn’t. I went up and played the song in absolute legend. So while we’re playing, he’s playing, I’m jamming, and at the end of the song, I’m on the guitar. I have my drink ready, and I’m I hand it to him. He just rips here and drops my guitar on the other side. So I bow.”

Demel He added, “Maybe it’s a rock ‘n’ roll moment for me as a fan [Michael] This happened.”

Elephant the left machine head In October 2018, after 16 years of service. He played on five of the group’s studio albums: In the ashes of empires (2003), “blackness” (2007), “to the locusts” (2011), “Bloodstone and Diamond” (2014) and “catharsis” (2018).

Demel He spent most of 2019 and early 2020 playing split shows with their reunion violencewhich recently signed a deal with metal blade records. The band’s new EP – featuring an all-new first violence Music in over three decades – most recently recorded for a tentative release in early 2022.

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