Glenn Hughes: ‘Being on Black Sabbath wasn’t something I wanted to do’

Glenn Hughes:

During his appearance in the last episode of In the Trenches with Ryan Roxy Video podcast, legendary singer/guitarist Glenn Hughes Reflect on his time black sabbath In the mid-eighties. Regarding how he cooperated with Tony IumiThe outfit came back, Glenn Said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Tony I was in the process of producing a solo album in 1985. Myself, my dear friend Ronnie James Dio And Rob Halford Each of them will sing two songs. I was the first man to go down to him Cherokee Studios In Hollywood to perform two songs with Tony. I wrote and sang two songs on the first night. And he asked me to come back the next day, and it went on, it went on, and I ended up being the only singer on that single. in the last song, Don JordanSharon‘s [Osbourne] Father – who ran Tony At that time, proposed, with Warner BrothersWe should call itblack sabbath Is characterized by Tony it wasn’t Tony Iumi album anymore; she was black sabbath The album is called “seventh star”. It was a time for me where I was making lifestyle changes, if you will. So it was a tough time for me.”

Hughes He added: “Being in black sabbath It wasn’t something I wanted to do. I was trying to help Tony Out, doing his solo album. But I enjoyed working with Tony. I made three albums with Tony right Now. So, that may go on for a long time.”

Hughes previously discussed it sabath During a 2017 interview with unwrapped cat subordinate “collision” radio show in australia FM sound. He said of the experience, “It was a little different, because number one, some of those songs weren’t written for me, sort of, to sing the way I sing. It was a very dramatic change for me to be in a band that has a huge fan base from a true cult. , kind of, you know, kind of metallic, kind of dark picture. Let’s be clear, because Ozzy [Osbourne]And Carrots [Butler]And Tony And Bill WardLike, they were all my family — we all grew up together, so I know these guys personally, but their catalog is very dark and sinister, but they’re not, you know. And wearing that cloak and dagger, the mysterious thing, was a bit strange to me.

“I really enjoyed making “seventh star”And I made another album called DEP . sessions with Tony, And [then] we did “fused”, so I made three records with TonyHe continued, “But it was a little different for me while singing black sabbath. I wasn’t exactly who I am. I’ve always loved a challenge, you know – I always love a challenge – but I think so Ozzysound and Ronnie DioA voice, perfect for that band, although I enjoyed working with these guys.”

Hughes He confirmed in a 1995 interview that he got into a fistfight with black sabbath Production Manager John Downing Four days before the start “seventh star” a tour. The injuries he sustained affected his ability to perform live and as a vocalist Ray Gillen He was later recruited to complete the tour.

Originally released in 1986, “seventh star” a saw Iommi Employing skills Dave “The Beast” Spitz and drummer Eric Singer (later than Kiss) and for the first time the keyboard player position became a visual credit and a longtime back room player Jeff Nichols He was finally brought to the fore as an official member. “seventh star” It was somewhat a departure from what was expected of black sabbath name and songs “seventh star” She leaned more than the blues and in the case of the singles ‘No stranger to love’A more radio-friendly breeze has been adopted.

Hughes He is currently a member of dead aban. Join the band lineup by Doug Aldrich (gaveAnd white snake) on the guitar, Tommy Clovitos (black sabbathAnd Ozzy Osbourne) on the drums and David Lowe (red phoenixAnd mink) on the guitar.

dead abanlatest album, “The holy land”, was released in January. registered in La Fabric Studios In the south of France with the product Ben GrossLP is the first group to be shown Hughes،, who joined the group in 2019 as a new guitarist and vocalist, replacing him John Corapi (motley crowe) And Marco Mendoza (thin lizzy).

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