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It’s hard to think of a rapper more deserving of a win in 2021 than Jadakis. What The Lox, composed of Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch, managed to do against Dipset in August Verzuz watermarked the best moment in brief podium history. Jadakis’ superb display of virtuosity, lyrical ferocity, and charisma that night—plus an already prolific calendar year—earned him the Hip Hop Player of the Year award.

By the time Jadakiss took off in his “Who Shot Ya” freestyle, the Madison Square Garden crowd was already eating out of his hand. Half of the time the mood sounded like a frank chorus exercise. The freestyle wasn’t directed against his opponents, but Jadakiss was making a point.

As far as wordplay, I’m the son of a father-, “Criticize. “These – as is appropriate, but not any of the kiss ’em’. ”

He wasn’t lying.

Jadakis, 46, is an eclectic soul. Over the past quarter century, he has made many lifestyle changes. He became an avid hiker. It popped up over the summer with a workout that featured Jadakiss pulling his best Simone Biles impression on a pull-up bar. He has instilled entrepreneurship and advocacy for wellness with Styles P’s Juices For Life. He’s acting now, too.

Emsing, though, is where Goliath Yonkers, New York, cut his teeth. He didn’t get home MVP honors this year due to an album, mixtape, or EP. Jadakis’ last full project was March 2020 Ignatiuscoinciding with the emergence of the Corona Virus pandemic. So, in many ways, 2021 was the belated culmination of a career worthy of such a coronation. Everything he’s done this year has made his brand go back to the early ’90s.

“Stiles, Shake, Jada, they’re all blue collars,” Jeff Rosenthal told me. He and his brother, Eric, host 2 Jews and 2 Black Dodds are reviewing movies Podcast with The Lox. “There is money and achievements, yes. But there is still the mindset of, ‘I’m just a regular guy off the block.’”

This year, Jadakiss was all over the place but he wasn’t the loudest in the room because the music, energy and respect for his craft spoke volumes. When Jadakis spoke, the whole genre listened.

While bloated projects and joke-streaming numbers are on par with the course these days, Jadakiss has been a pioneer in making moments look like moments, with a longer lifespan than an Instagram story. Even when not every moment involves a rhyme.

Take a second to put Jadakis’ career in context. Mary J. Blige’s cousin gave her music for The Lox – and she got it in front of Puffy. It came into the game with a co-signature by such notables as The Notorious BIG and later DMX. He dropped many classics with Mariah Carey. He went into a singing war with peak Beanie Sigel and 50 Cent’s always-ready beef in the early to mid-2000s. He starred with basketball star Allen Iverson in a Reebok commercial that has yet to be repeated. And compile an audio diverse catalog that is almost second to none.

Jadakiss’ calendar year is determined by a series of guest appearances. There was his scene-stealing performance on Snoop Dogg’s “Murder Music” with Benny the Butcher and Busta Rhymes. Jay-Z, via “King Kong Redeem” from The hardest they fell The soundtrack, Kanye West both came calling for his services. Meanwhile, Black Illuminati with Freddie Gibbs is a talented floppy song and one of the top songs of the year with Jadakiss recognizing his special niche, saying, “You’ve reinstalled Apple since it was corrupt / When you’re golden, you’ll never be forgotten. ”

“[Nowadays] We are able to accept that people are funny or not always have their guards around. “Jada, Styles and Chic are authentic, organic men, I think in this world we live in, people want to be like them,” Eric Rosenthal said. “Everyone wants to live longer. Everyone wants to work hard and see it pay off. What a wonderful thing Jadakiss can see himself.”

Left to Right: Styles P, Jadakiss, and Sheek Louch of The Lox perform on stage during Verzuz: Dipset vs. The Lox At Madison Square Garden on August 3 in New York City.

Johnny Nunez / WireImage

Reconciliation is the gift that only survivors can appreciate. That’s why Freeway’s posting of his videos, Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss together this fall, was so significant. And why does Jadakis say: These are my real brothers [and] Philly Petty II, “Carry the emotional weight you carry even if the beef was crushed years ago. In the kind that says ‘RIP’ at a grueling rate, being able to celebrate part-time was paramount.

However, this year’s Jadakiss MVP race wasn’t entirely rooted in sentiment. What cemented that were the bodies he caught on two separate turfs within two months of each other. Although Jadakiss and Fabolous collaborated on the 2017 joint album Friday on Al-Alam Street, it was clear that Jadakiss went into the evening in June with one intention: to leave victorious. Fabulous ran through his blows, but Jadakiss added an element of showmanship never before seen in the pandemic-inspired medium.

With Fabulous and Jadakis facing off at All-First where the artists could feed on each other and not be separated, the presentation of the show was a big deal. Unable to smoke, Jadakis decides to enjoy himself and spills. 200,000 people from all over the world were intoxicated by Jadakis’ performance. He’s proven to be the perfect person, on a perfect platform with the perfect blend of bravado and infectious personality.

“This needs doubling down,” Jeff Rosenthal said. “No one will be excited for this second [Verzuz] If not for the first.”

The atmosphere outside Madison Square Garden in August was full of New York City in the early 2000s. Dipset and The Lox were blown away by the Ducatis. People dressed up the event in style, some Jadakiss-inspired, with tissue paper headbands. This was the first Virgos town where tickets were sold.

The Dipset group, like Fabolous before them, came into the night as a favourite. But again it was The Lox who had a counter for each scenario. What had been one of the most anticipated things for Verzos soon became lopsided. Like a boxer who let the fight come to him—a sad tactic for La Juelz Santana by saying The Lox didn’t have songs catering to women—Jadakiss & Co. launched. Or watching a fighter go straight to the kill shot – like Jadakiss’ takeover of a freestyle on Notorious BIG’s “Who Shot Ya”.

Over half a million people watched Jadakiss break up together the Rap moment of the year. Everyone in the building was dumbfounded, including the likes of Fat Joe, Carmelo Anthony, and others. Watching Jadakiss challenge the entire genre to step up its game was nothing short of captivating. Muhammad Ali terrorized Ernie Terrell into their fight in 1967, constantly asking his opponent, “What’s my name?” After the former referred to him by his birth name Cassius Clay before the match. Jadakis exerted the same pressure, to the point that even Cameron’s greatest blows or legendary bravado were not enough to effect a lopsided battle.

Everyone left or checked out that night knowing that Jadakis had put it on One of the best Madison Square Garden shows At least the last 20 years. Nobody has used Verzuz better than him. Fat Joe’s phrase “yesterday’s price is not today’s price”—arguably the most used phrase of 2021—is directly inspired by Jadakiss’ unanimous TKO.

Rapper Jadakiss of The Lox performs during day two of the ONE Musicfest at Centennial Olympic Park on October 10 in Atlanta.

Baras Griffin / Getty Images

Jadakiss is rapper of the year 2021 because he took an opportunity to highlight how buyable, attractive, and always intoxicating he is. Perhaps a new generation of rappers recognized it this year. An older generation may have been reminded. During Verzuz with Dipset, Jadakiss once again sang to the crowd his poetry from Ja Rule’s 2004 song “New York”.

and me I’m not cocky, I’m sure of that, “Jadakis Rap.

So when you tell me I’m next toT, “The crowd, at the choir’s rehearsal by then, followed,”It’s a compliment. “

I always felt the line was accurate. At that moment, the feeling had never been more appropriate.

Justin Tinsley is a culture and sports writer for The Undefeated. He firmly believes that the phrase “Cash Money Records takin’ ova for da ’99 and da 2000” is the single most influential statement of his generation.

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