Jason Aldean rings in 2022 with Donald Trump: ‘This guy is incredible’

Country singer Jason Aldean, 44, has spent the New Year playing golf with former President Donald Trump.  (Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Country singer Jason Aldean, 44, has spent the New Year playing golf with former President Donald Trump. (Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Country singer Jason Aldean can certainly say he called 2022 in an unforgettable way: by getting golfing tips from former President Donald Trump.

Aldean, 44, took to Instagram to share details of his vacation which he described as “the best ever”. Pictured smiling on the golf course in front of the camera next to Trump, Aldean referred to the former pottos as “the goat,” which means “the greatest of all.”

“This guy is incredible and I hope you all can see what he’s doing behind the scenes,” Aldean wrote, adding the hashtag #ClassAct. Dressed in gray shorts and a turquoise shirt, Aldean stood next to smiling Trump, wearing a bright red “Make America Great Again” hat with his hand in a “thumbs up” position.

The final part of the series was a video of Aldan receiving golf tips from Trump himself.

“Perfect, you’re very good,” Trump advising religions can be heard as they spend time laying green spaces.

Another photo emerged of Trump, Aldean and his wife Brittany Aldean enjoying a party in formal attire. The post received a flurry of support from friends and fans, including Brittany, who declared her buddies “the cutest guys ever.”

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The singer’s wife has been vocal about her political views on social media. Back in October, Brittany said that she and her husband “are being stopped several times a day” by people expressing thanks for the couple’s willingness to share their stand.

“We stop by a few times a day – people are thankful for speaking out. You can too. We need you more than ever… You’d be really surprised at how much support you’ll receive. As for the haters… Fuck them. They’re the reason we are where we are. Remember that with every comment that goes by,” Brittany shared in an Instagram post, which featured the social media influencer alongside her husband and two children.

Echoing his wife’s feelings, Aldean wrote, “I love this child and could not agree more.”

Brittany continued to comment on the post, where she shares that as a mother, she wants her children to grow up in a “loving and safe place, where they have the potential to grow into the best versions of themselves.”

“The burden of the world we currently live in can be hard for any parent. It’s actually terrifying,” she wrote. “I am currently praying for our children, our military, hospitalized patients, frontiers, impacted youth, and those standing up for change…for simply the right to make their own medical choices.”

Brittany received major criticism in September when she expressed her political beliefs by dressing the couple’s young children in anti-Biden clothing. The kids smiled for the camera wearing matching T-shirts with “Hidin’ from Biden” emblazoned on them, while Brittany wore a T-shirt that read “Anti Biden Social Club,” a spin on the iconic Anti Social Social Club brand.

In response to the fashion controversy, Aldean defended his wife, posting on his private page that “He will never apologize for my beliefs or my love for my family and my country. This is the greatest country in the world and I want it. To keep it that way.”

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