Metallica’s…And Justice For All album mixer sounds like Lars Ulrich’s drums sound like “A**”


In a new interview with Dean KramerAnd Steve Thompson, a prominent music producer who has worked with a wide range of rock icons, including guns not flowers (employment “Appetite for Destruction”), Corn (employment “follow the leader”) And Sound Garden (employment “Aspects”Talk about mixing sessions for Metallicaclassic 1988 album, “…and justice for all”, and the criticism this record has received for its bass parts is almost inaudible.

While “…and justice for all” considered one of the MetallicaA classic, it has been criticized almost from the day it was released for not having any bass guitars on the recording. Jason NewstedThe playing is almost buried in the mix – and many fans feel that the drummer Lars Ulrich, who had very specific ideas about how he wanted his drums to be heard, is to blame.

Thomson Said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “We did the project in Pierceville, New York – we worked on SSL [console] even in PERSEVILLE studios. And Lars It originally came with a full EQ setup chart for how he wanted the drums to sound. So Michael BarberoMy partner says why don’t you work with him Lars And get the drums [sounding the way he wants them to sound]And then once you do, I’ll take care of the rest. So he does it. And I listened to the voices and said: Are you kidding me? I think this looks like an ass. Anyway, I’ve reset all the drums a bit just to make it more visible – it’s in the beholder’s ear. Then I brought in the bass, which I thought the bass was a great part because…you know what a great thing about it. [Newsted‘s] deep voice? It was a wonderful marriage with [James] HetfieldGuitars It was like, they needed to work together. It was played perfectly.

He continued, “I put the whole percussion department together, vocals and everything like that, and then I was like, ‘Okay, it’s time now.'”Hetfield he was there , [giving] Excellent and everything like that. Then I brought Lars in a. first and foremost , Lars He hears it for about five to ten seconds, and says, “Okay, stop there.” He said, “What happened to my drum sound?” You might have said something like, “Were you serious?” [Laughs] So I had to rearrange the sound of the drum to get him where he wanted it again. He said, “Well, do you see the bass?” I go, “Yes.” “Drop it into the mix.” I said why? it’s great.’ “Drop it into the mix.” ‘OK.’ So I did it as a joke. [I] I dropped it along the way. He says, “Drop it another five or six decibels” from there, which you can hardly hear–she couldn’t hear it. I said, “Seriously?” I think I turned to Hetfield, and went this way [raises both hands]. Then I remember having a conversation with Cliff Bernstein And Peter the human who were running it. And I basically had a conversation, and I said, “Listen, I love these guys. I think this band is really cool. I don’t get along with what they want me to do with this. And I understand, it’s their record. They should get what they want. They’ve been hired.” With us let’s get them what they want. But I can’t do this. And we ended up giving them what they wanted. Again, this isn’t my record – it’s their record – and you have to respect their opinion. I personally hated it, because I’m a bass guy. I love bass. When we score, we score The largest buses in the world.

last year, Newsted He told Metal Hammer that he was “very angry” when he heard “…and justice for all” for the first time. “are you kidding me?” He said. “I was ready [to go] For the throat, man! No, it just went out of my mind, because I really thought I did well. And I thought I played the way I was supposed to.”

Newsted went to say it MetallicaHer voice was always going around her Ulrich And Hetfield. “Lars And mosques The duo was the original garage band, he said. “They have always worked on recordings this way, from [1982 demo cassette] “No life” even the skins, she was Lars And mosquesGuitar and drums. on the original “No life” even the skins Cassette tape – if you’ve ever seen a real copy or an image of a real copy – in . format LarsHandwritten, in pen, on the cassette label, [it reads] Turn the bass down on the stereo. employment “No life” even the skins! They mixed it up how it was meant to be mixed: there’s the bass and there’s the guitar from all the way back. But Lars don’t want [that] Because he messed up his drums somehow, so when he sends the demo to the fucking fight records and wherever, [his instruction is] Lower the bass before you listen to it. Before you begin, just turn the bass down. straight from the start. before you start. This is where he’s been all his damned life, so why is it any different when it comes to that [‘…And Justice For All’]? they made ‘Kill them all’ This way, they made ‘Riding [The Lightning]” This way, they made ‘President [Of Puppets]” In this way, all of them. These two men are in a room [mimics drum beats and playing]This is how it has always happened. [For] The most successful metal band ever. So are you arguing with that shit? I’m not sure. It’s now the best garage band album ever [for artists such as] black keysAnd White linesAnd Dual jets, the different ‘power duals’ of garage things.

three years ago, Hetfield defend the voice “…and justice for all”, saying that he and his bandmates “simply wanted the best soundtrack” they could make. It wasn’t all about, ‘Damn it.’ [Jason]. Let’s reject it. “That’s for sure,” he said. “We wanted the best record we could get. That was our goal. We burned. We were fried. Back and forth.” [between touring and mixing the album]. Play the party. No earplugs, nothing. You return to the studio, your hearing is shot. If your ears can’t hear any loud sound anymore, you’ll raise them up. So we’re raising the high end more and more and suddenly, the low end is gone. So I know that played a bigger role than any mood or any bad feelings about him Jason, surely. We were fried. We got burned.”

Hetfield He also addressed some of the criticisms leveled at Metallica by Thomson. In a 2015 interview with ultimate guitarAnd Thomson suggest it Ulrich The culprit was the lack of any recorded bass guitar, claiming that Lars He wanted his drums to be heard a certain way — even if that meant cutting out the bass.

“We wanted tight” mosques to explain. We wanted it really tight. That’s what we wanted. We wanted the snare, we wanted the guitar, we wanted it all front and in your face and really tight. And we thought we got it. And you know, we kind of know what we want to look like. Can we sit behind a desk and realize That? No, we’re asking people to do that, and they do. So [Thompson] He did his job. He has nothing to apologize for or point fingers at. Nobody is responsible for ‘something’. It’s a piece of art. It just happened and ended the way it is for a reason. And for reasons we were just talking about. We burned. We’re traveling, playing the party, and our ears are fried. We were not asleep. He does not need to defend himself. It was part of a great album in history, so I think maybe it’s a little easier on itself.”

mosques He also again refused invitations to Metallica to remix “…and justice for all” for this reason NewstedContributions are more audible.

“all of this [bass discussion] After the fact, which is, like, who cares, man, really? ” Hetfield He said. “And why would you change that? Why change the date? Why would you suddenly put the bass on it? There’s the bass, but why would you remix the album? You could reformat it, yeah, but why would you remix something and make it different? It would be like… I don’t know. Not that I’m comparing us to Mona Lisa, but she’s, like, “Ah, can we make her smile a little better?!” you know?! Why?”

In a 2008 interview with dB magazine, Metallica guitar player Kirk Hammett Try to explain the lack of bass “…and justice for all”, saying, “The reason you can’t hear the bass well is because the bass frequencies in JasonThe tone somewhat overlapped with the tone that mosques He was trying to shoot with rhythm guitar, and every time the two of them blended together, it just didn’t happen. So the only thing left is to lower the bass in the mix. That was unfortunate, but for one reason or another, this album is known for the low end of its existence without the bass being too high in the mix. It was an experience, too – we were totally walking for a dry in your face sound, and some people really liked that sound. A lot of New Generation bands, in particular, think the album sounds great. But in the end, it was an experience. I’m not really sure it was 100 percent successful, but it’s such a unique sound on that album.”

In the ultimate guitar interview, Thomson He said he spoke because he was tired of being blamed for the lack of bass. He said, “They flew us [to METALLICA‘s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction in 2009] and I’m sitting with her Lars. He goes, “Hey, what happened to the dress in ‘justice’? ‘ He actually asked me that. I wanted to get a cold cock in there. It was a shame that I’m the one taking the bullshit because of the lack of bass.”

Ulrich Tell radio pulse For a while, fans have been very vocal about the album’s sound at the time of its release. “I mean, it was incredible, you know, ‘…and justice for all’He said. “People were saying, ‘That’s the worst, where’s the bass, and it looks like it was recorded in a garage,’ and… ‘But, you know, listen, you’re doing your best you can at the moment and then moving on.”

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