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a happy New Year! Music stars started popping up in 2022 with messages on social media on New Year’s Eve.

Kacey Musgraves had an excellent Twitter suggestion for those hoping for a better year ahead: “PSA: If you listen to Rainbow at 11:56:39 on New Year’s Eve, in 2022 you’ll start listening to ‘everything’ be It’s fine,” she noted in a December 31 tweet. “Do whatever you like with this.”

Meanwhile, Normani fans were in for a date toward the end of the year: The singer’s name went viral after she posted a video of her seemingly playing a few seconds off a new song, with the caption “Dear 2022” — meaning there are more dips of the year. the new.


Watch the latest videos, infographics and news

Watch the latest videos, infographics and news

Christina Aguilera looks back on the highlights of 2021 — “a year full of love, excitement, and new adventures,” she tweeted — but she also looks forward to what’s to come: “I’m so ready for what’s coming. 2022…Here we are!”

On Instagram on New Year’s Eve, Halsey shared some personal snapshots from her year as a new mom. Long nights, hearts full. Happy New Year,” they wrote.

Shakira kept things sweet with a selfie showing off her last kiss of the year.

Elton John posted letters of thanks to his family and fans for their support this year and wrote, “I can’t wait to finally get back on the road with my Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour and everything else in store for 2022!”

See all of these messages and many more below. The list will be updated by 2022.

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