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with the scheme fraud New Year’s Show 2021 has been postponed until April, the group collaborated with it Radio Phish And SiriusXM To provide Live broadcast from the ninth cube, a free live broadcast of three groups scheduled for New Year’s Eve. The concert is scheduled to begin on Friday, December 31 at 8:30 PM ET and will begin broadcasting LivePhish So is SiriusXM Phish Radio (Chapter 29).

Described as a special edition of the webcast/cooking series Saved in Fish, Dinner and movie The evening menu aptly features lemongrass dishes: chicken with lemon and herbs, lemon pasta, and lemon bars. to wash everything, Trey Anastasio presented Pandemic packaging recipe For a Giant Lemonade Bowl (Step 1: Get a Lemon; Step 2: Make Lemonade…). Find the full recipes here and tune in to our New Year’s Eve Phish live webcast below.

fraud Dinner and movie LIVE from The Ninth Cube – Live Streaming Online

So, what is the ninth cube? When is The Ninth Cube? in any fact Is it the “ninth cube”? These are all valid questions because fans are anticipating this unprecedented Fisheye experience. The answers, of course, will remain vague until the flow begins on New Year’s Eve, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any details to continue. In fact, “The Ninth Cube” is a Phish nerd-ery rabbit hole in itself, the centerpiece of a full-fledged time-traveling multi-verse comic book that the band has been quietly establishing in their mythology for years — or, you know, make up on the go. By connecting the existing dots cleverly.

Well, a disclaimer is probably necessary before we dive in: there Much to continue here. If you choose, you can go through the entire Charlie-Day-Conspiracy-Theory-meme on the concept of “The Ninth Cube” and its meaning in Phish canon — and you can be sure the band meant it that way all along. We’ll get you the full message here. Hell, we won’t even get into the question of where the ninth cube is. Instead, this is special Dinner and movie Live from The Ninth Cube Stream Companion will give you some background information about the concept and highlight some of the finer points in the Phish “Ninth Cube” lore that can be drawn upon as part of a mysterious New Year’s performance – and even the abbreviated version is dense.

Let’s start from the beginning (in our timeline, anyway): Växt . face. On Halloween 2018, Fish created a mysterious Scandinavian band and “covered” the band’s 1981 album, in the rock. for every Fishbel Distributed to fans that night, Kasvot Växt was brought together by a secret government experiment known only as “Niu Teningur,” which translates from Icelandic to “nine cubes.” Read a clip on “Nine Cubes” from Kasvot Växt Fishbel below or check out everything here:

So what do we know for sure? [The members of Kasvot Växt] They all met as scientists or as subjects during their brief stay at a remote research shelter in Greenland in the late 1970s under the auspices of the New Tenningor Project. …Translating to “Nine Cubes,” New Teningor is perhaps CasvotFact’s greatest mystery ever.

A single post from a message board dedicated to research facilities in Greenland, translated via Google, reads: “Good luck to anyone asking for ‘Nine Cubes’.” “You’ll only get great denial and confusion. It was the Cold War and many countries were trying to find the edge so they tried different crazy things. But it didn’t lead anywhere. You want me to believe a guy can split boxes with his mind? You’ll have better luck educating A rabbit read his carrot before he eats it.”

In the age of conspiracy theories and misinformation, Kasvot positions Växt as a strange and slightly disturbing footnote to a project whose truth remains buried behind kilometers of red tape and multiple language barriers. If only a small part of the rumors about the “Niu Teningur” project are true, it may be better that the wider world has yet to discover Kasvot Växt, a narrative that requires more nuance than a hyperbolic reissue campaign can muster.

The supernatural mystery of “Nine Cubes” is referenced in the KV song “We Are Come To Outlive Our Brains,” a song that might offer the best advice for watching this whole sage: When the lyrics begin, “Everything is intertwined…”

“WACTOOB” and the rest of Kasvot Växt’s songs found their homes in the live rotation as Phish songs, but the band brought the mystery story back to life with their 2021 Halloween “costume,” science fiction soldier‘s Get more from below. In a new experiment on musical character study in Cassfoot style, Fish prepared a comic about Sci-Fi Soldier – the “New Miami” band from the year 4680 – and in a timeline jump scenario, he performed the group’s “album” to save the earth.

The comic served as a narrative companion piece to the more abstract songs played during the Halloween set. At its core are several new developments in the sprawling saga of the Nine Cubes. In addition to futuristic characters referring directly to Kasvot Växt as “prophets”—which provided a tangible link between the realities of the 2018 and 2021 Halloween characters—the comic promoted an important new development for the complex concept of the Nine Cubes: “Each Cube is a window into a possible reality,” McConnell page looks similar Pat Malone Explained in the story. “At any moment, time can be frozen and nine possible facts can be seen.” In other words, the Nine Cubes can be considered the main meeting point of all Phish traditions, something that links Gamehendge to New Miami to Scandinavia in the ’80s to Baker Dozen to whatever show the band plays next.

Soon excerpts from this new Halloween overlap emerged, from various quotes from old Phish songs in Get more from below Words to the explicitly stated singularity of the sci-fi god of the holy soldier Blankenstein and the decades-old Gamehendge prophet of Trey, Icculus.

Sci-Fi Soldier Sci-Fi Soldier Comic Soldier Sci-Fi Soldier Fish

[via Sci-Fi Soldier Get More Down comic book]

The next place to look for “Ninth Cube” intrigue is One Night Before A sci-fi soldier landed on Earth, on 10/30/21, an eccentric “Harpua”. While all her talk of “Holy Blankenstein” and “Turtles Touching Cakes” being “the stuff of the universe” sounded a lot like nonsense that night, “Harpua” feels more like an honest mathematical interpretation of… Get more from below In hindsight – however vague they may remain.

As Trey Anastasio told SiriusXM Phish Radio Ari Fink During their recent “Year In Review” 2021 special, “The Ninth Cube was actually the set, it’s bent on portability. It came from the future. It’s all going to end up in the end. You’re almost done. Have you been paying attention to my Harpua story?” ” [from 12/30/21]? …that mathematical theory I was explaining? I can tell you what this is, for the record.”

“Well, there are nine cubes,” Trey continued. “If you look when we went out on stage [for Sci Fi Soldier]There are four circles and four squares. Math theory revolves around the square [sic], where I started, a formula, how do you put a square… It’s the perimeter of a square in a circle, which is impossible because you have to use pi, which is not finite. So, it can’t be done, but there is an equation that you can solve. So I was explaining that why there are four squares and three circles, and then the song in the middle of the thing was called “The Ninth Cube”. This was the missing form. So the formula on the “ninth cube” is about the square [sic], so I saw that you put the square on top of the circle, you use this formula.. it becomes a square, and when it stands in the video, it becomes a cube, then when you put it on a level, on an x/y grid, it becomes a hoop, a donut. So, the contact of turtles with cakes is the stuff of the universe.”

[Screengrab via Trey Anastasio Instagram Story, posted 12/31/21 early afternoon]

For what it’s worth, “squaring the circle” is, in fact, a real exercise. The term has also been widely used as a term meaning “to do the impossible”. Hear Trey Anastasio’s full “Year In Review” analysis of SiriusXM Phish Radio via the Interviews tab of the SiriusXM app.

Much like the “Ninth Cube” puzzle, explanations like this seem to obscure the truth even more. It’s hard to separate the bits that pile up on something and which are real distractions or embellishments. They often seem to pick up parts of ancient myths and assign them a new significance. However, there are a lot of details that make us wonder. Take the “Floating Air Nerve Technology Guidance Station” – Phantos – which appears in science fiction soldier cartoons. The easy explanation is that Phish used the current acronym from “Say It To Me SANTOS” for CasvotFax as a starting point for this new story and modified the letters with Get more from belowSpecific meaning. Then you come back with an old podcast episode in it Tom Marshall He says Tree has already told him that “SANTOS” stands for “Arctic Underground Nerve Technology Direction Station.” That episode was released in 2018.

So, what does all this tell us about what awaits us on the Phish New Year schedule Live from The Ninth Cube? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. By summoning The Ninth Cube, Phish opened the door to ample thematic layers both familiar and nondescript in this extraordinary live event. You can use the current backstory of “Nine Cubes” to argue that we’re in more high-concept science fiction, more time travel, more switching between facts, and more dimension-bending visuals that come with it. You can also use the ambiguous nature of cubes in Phish’s law to say that something completely different is entirely possible; There are plenty of other facts to explore in those cubes, after all, and one of the main themes of Sci-Fi Soldier is I was The fatal flaw of the human race is that we think too much.

Despite all this background, what we know remains the same as when we started. Amidst always troubling obstacles, Phish continues to expand his narrative world with excitement, lack, and imagination – always bent on our happiness. Clear your mind of the procrastination problem and prepare for what will surely be an unforgettable sight. This lemonade doesn’t taste half bad.

A big shout out to the team at SiriusXM / Phish Radio for helping make the Phish New Year Live from The Ninth Cube fact. Tune in to the three-series show on Friday, 12/31/21 at 8:30 p.m. ET on SiriusXM, LivePhish, and YouTube. happy New Year everybody. Be safe there.

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