Phil Soussan tries “Channel Jimmy Bain” while performing Dio songs with Last In Line


While shooting a new video message on a barrierfamous guitarist, Phil Susan (Previous-Ozzy Osbourne) Talk about what it was like to join last in line In 2016, after the death of the band’s original guitarist, Jimmy Payne. He said (as he wrote it BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Jimmy He was really a good friend of mine. It’s almost ironic that I end up playing last in line And kind of cover it up somehow. I praise his songs. I try to direct Jimmy On the gave The songs we’re playing, we’re trying to do what he’s doing, and I’m also trying to imagine what he’s going to do on the other stuff while still being able to do it inside my wheelhouse. It’s tough. You want to focus on things but you also want to pay tribute to the pre-existing DNA of the origin gave space saver. So I think that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Formed in 2012 by Paynedrummer Vinny Abyss and guitarist Vivian CampbellRonnie James DioThe conspirators and co-writers on “Holy Epiphany”And “last line” And “holy heart” albums – last in lineThe initial intent was to celebrate Ronnie James DioEarly through the original version members reunion gave Lined up. After playing shows that included a song list consisting exclusively of material from the first three gave Albums, the band decided to go ahead and create new music in the same vein.

last in linefirst album, “Heavy Crown”Released in February 2016, it landed at #1 in paintingHeat seekers chart. At first, the release was preceded by tragedy when Payne He died unexpectedly at the age of 68 on January 23, 2016. last in lineIn honor of what they knew PayneI brought a wish to keep the band moving Susan He committed to an ongoing tour to support the album before work began on the 2019 follow-up release “II”.

last June, Susan Talk to about the progress of the writing and recording sessions for last in lineThe third album. The LP is tentatively scheduled to be acquired in 2022 via a yet-to-be-disclosed record company.

“I was very motivated with the band,” Elephant He said. “I try to keep things going. We wanted to work on several different sides [during the pandemic]. And we also had to start getting a new record deal – we were changing the labels – so that’s something we’re going to do, and we’re getting a lot closer now. But part of that was writing a third record. So we worked really hard trying to write a third record and even set that third record while we were in different locations around the world. And this band obviously works as one in every sense of the word, so not being able to be in the same room with everyone and trying to make it happen is a real handicap. “

in february, Application I told Mittal from the inside that the former ports and current Foreigner Guitar player Jeff Bilsonwho produced both “II” And “Heavy Crown”, do not participate in the future last in line album. “We’ve made a change,” he said. In fact, the man who shuffled the last record, Chris Collier – He’s great working with him Corn – Record this log. And we sort of produce it ourselves, among all of us.

Jeff great – JeffGreat product, and [he has] Great ideas and stuff, but we just felt like we could probably do what we wanted to do now that we’re a band, and we’ve been on the road, and we know what we want to hear,” he explained. But it’s coming great. Things look great.

“And yes, I have been through a lot with Jeff Bilson. I’ve known him for years. He is a great man. he’s like my brother “.

also in february, Susan Tell the ‘Pat’s Soundbytes Unplugged’ podcast about the music trend of the new last in line Article: “Songs offer another from the last album – the difference between heavy crown And “II”, and now “II” Whatever the name of this next album; By the way we do not know yet. But it certainly evolved further; It has turned into more development, but we always try to maintain the characteristics last in line over there. I mean, you can’t get rid of this stuff – you can’t get rid of it VinnyThe drums, you can’t shake VivianPlay. I would say the same about myself, of course Andrew. “

Some early recording sessions for last in lineThe third album signed in January 2020 at Steak house Studio in North Hollywood, California.

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