Rolling Stones ‘Ruby Tuesday’ Inspired Restaurant Chain Name Even Though Founder Wasn’t A Fan

Mick Jagger had a strong opinion of the Rolling Stones song “Ruby Tuesday”. Notably, a businessman used the name of the tune for his restaurants on Ruby Tuesday even though he was not a fan of The Rolling Stones. Listeners in the United States and the United Kingdom had reactions to the song.

Mick Jagger with microphone

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger | Eminent Standard / Getty Images

What Mick Jagger felt about the songs from “Between the Buttons” from the Rolling Stones

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Jagger commented on songs from the Rolling Stones album between the buttons. “They looked really cool,” he said, “but after that, I was really disappointed in retrospect.” “Isn’t ‘Ruby Tuesday’ there or something? I don’t think the rest of the songs are that great. ‘Ruby Tuesday’ is good. I think that’s a great song.”

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