Spotify’s Friends Activity feed is causing constant crashes for users

With over 380 million users and 172 million subscribers, Spotify continues to dominate the streaming music market. While there are a lot of features to love about the service (curated playlists and podcast integration, to list a couple of personal favourites), the boyfriend activity leaves a lot to be desired.

Spotify is the soundtrack of my life

I’m the type of Spotify user who has the app turned on and open all the time, on the principle 24/7 – It doesn’t matter what I do. Whether I’m cleaning my house, walking my dog, having drinks, driving somewhere, trying to sleep or traveling, Spotify never works. I like it in a way that makes me realize how much my technology owns me rather than my own, and that might make me uncomfortable if I was the type to try to “unplug” – I’m not that kind of person though. At least not with music.

As far as music streaming platforms go, there’s a lot that goes wrong with Spotify (and there’s at least one major drawback that it gets it wrong). Spotify does a great job of letting me create playlists with suggesting music to add that I might not have thought of or thought about, and I have a playlist of every moment, every person, and every event in my life (i.e. songs that mention I’m from my siblings, an “Out West” playlist,” QuaranTunes”, “Breidi’s Bach”, custom playlist of Rihanna’s favorite songs, etc.). I like being able to collaborate on playlists if the situation calls for it. I like that the podcasts I consume are built into Spotify itself, while Apple Music doesn’t give its users the same fun.

I love the “Discover Weekly” playlist that hits my home page on Monday mornings, welcoming me into my weekly hustle and bustle. On Fridays, I look forward to opening Spotify and seeing a playlist dedicated to me – “Release Radar” – that includes songs just released from artists Spotify knows I’m listening to, as well as “New Singles Picked For You”. How else would I hear J Balvin’s latest song, “Ego”? With the sheer volume of songs being released on Spotify on a daily basis, will I even know they’ve been released? This is excellent listening for me, and thanks to Spotify, at least Feel Like I’m not missing out on new music from my favorite artists, even if it really isn’t. Spotify Radio? the love. Top 50 Country Divided Charts? the love. Ability to save music for offline listening (necessary when traveling)? the love. Share songs and playlists to my Instagram Stories? the love. I got it.

Spotify activity feed is not user friendly

However, among the above perks of my Spotify Premium membership, the only one I can’t get around to is friends activity.

Many Spotify subscribers love the social aspects of the platform – something other music streaming platforms don’t have in equal abundance – and the Friends Activity aims to show you what song your friends (ex: followers) are listening to at the moment. they listen to him. For many, this is a unique way to discover new music, or if you’re one of my friends, text me (strongly!) to listen to Disney songs at 8:00 AM. It’s a nice feature that would be nice if it wasn’t dysfunctional, and/or if it showed you which podcasts people are listening to instead of just songs.

A friend’s activity is listed on the right

The Spotify community webpage is full of confusion regarding the subscribers’ friends feeds, i.e. it simply doesn’t work. As one person describes it:

Many users are having trouble with the way their friends’ activity is displayed. Even after turning on my sharing activity, subscribing to view my friends activity, and after calling friends to do the same, the following issues occur:

– Viewing friend activity does not show all friends who are followed
– Friend activity is not updated directly (Friend icons are no longer swappable up when a friend starts a new song eg. The songs they’re listening to don’t change either.)
– The blue dot appears next to active users, but the “music bars” on the right are not animated.

over there six pages From comments on the Spotify community about friends’ activity feed, Spotify’s response to these issues includes making sure the feature is enabled (obviously?), logging out and logging in again “twice in a row”, and doing a “clean reinstall”. Food falters.As one user said,

I’m so glad I’m not alone! I’ve been searching Google for this and have installed, uninstalled, logged out, logged back in and re-followed people and nothing has changed, but I know that some of my friends I asked are also set to public and I still can’t see them!

The irony of the Friends Activity feed, for me at least, is that I don’t even care what my friends are listening to. Like I love and respect you, but I’m very picky when it comes to new music (a song I’ve never heard of has about 20-30 seconds in it). How the hell everIf Spotify ever has a friend feature, it should work.

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