Ted Nugent says he didn’t hate Joan Jett

TED NUGENT SAYS HE DIDN'T HATE ON JOAN JETT: 'I even saluted the lesbian thing'

Ted Nugent He defended his recent comments about Joan Jett, saying that he was only “honest” when he questioned her inclusion in the list of the best guitarists in the world.

late last month, Ted Criticize Rolling Stone including magazine Jet on her list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists”. The 73-year-old rocker, whose last time was in the spotlight more due to his political views than his music, opposed the rocker. JetHe appeared on the list during his tenure on December 30 Youtube Live broadcast. He said, “How do you score the top 100 guitarists and not a list Derek St. Holmes? how do you do that? You do it with a lie. the same way you get Grand Master Flash In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You do it with a lie. You have to be a liar. You must have nonsense for minds and you must be a soulless and soulless prick to lay it down Joan Jett… [I] the love june. One of my fondest lesbian memories. I like lesbians; It’s a mixture of admiration. [I] the love Joan Jett – “Put another cent in the jukebox, baby”; Rock ‘n’ Roller is great – but as a top 100 guitar player, you don’t list Ricky Medlock [LYNYRD SKYNYRD] or Dave Amato [REO SPEEDWAGON]. really? or Dick Wagner? Dick Wagner And frost from Detroit. or Mark Varner? Mark Varner From Grand Funk Railway. Joan Jett It is on the list but not Mark Varner? Grand Master Flash In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but not Grand Funk Railway? [Laughs]

“By the way, if Grand Master Flash In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame And Joan Jett Listed in the Top 100 Guitar Players, I’m So Caitlyn JennerBoy’s game.

after Nugent He was widely criticized for being single Jet As someone who doesn’t deserve to be on rolling rock The list, doubled down on his comments during an interview with Dave Sporius From Real Music Monitor. Turning to the negative feedback he received on his notes, he said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I started praising Joan JettAuthentic, realist, all-American rock ‘n’ roll credentials. I started praising her. I even saluted the lesbian thing.

“That is the question: How can someone on God’s good green land listen to what I say and then claim that it has to do with hatred, ways, and disdain? juneFabulous. I mean, Fugitives. It’s all like, “Put another cent in the jukebox, baby.” I mean, it’s real rock and McCoy. But belonging to the list of “100 best guitar players” anywhere on the planet, even “boring” stone Before the true talents of six-stringed? who – which It was my statement. I was just using june as an example because she just happens to be perfect.”

Processing false directly, Nugent He continued, “I think I can say that you are a true lover of music – you love soul and soul, defiance, middle fingers on fire, true musical authority, all this combination that represents that dynamic and majestic sound in our lives, our American dream, and if ever there was a German or Spanish dream I hope they get a soundtrack too, but Joan Jett represents that. But in the list of the 100 best guitar players, by Tommy Show [STYX], Before Ricky Medlock and before Derek St. Holmes – I could go on with hundreds of examples… I was just using that beautiful young lady as an example, and people literally went berserk trying to turn her into hate.

‘There was no hate’ Ted added. “I have no hate. My hate was amputated when I was five. No hate – all love, compassion and honesty. That’s what drives people crazy: my honesty.”

NugentThe December 2021 comments weren’t the first time he’s criticized rolling rock editor David Frick“100 Greatest Guitarists” Picks. Four years ago, he said he didn’t get the recognition he deserved as a guitar player, explaining, “That’s not egos. I have egos, because I respect myself, because I put my heart and soul into being the best I can be. If you run a race and your chest breaks the bar and you win the race, I think you could look into the camera and go, “Man, I’m fast. Oh man, I ran so well. I think this should be celebrated, excellence should be celebrated Always It is celebrated. But remember, these people are into music [sic] The industry who makes those decisions about who’s the best and who’s in Rock and Roll Hall of FameThey hate me because I’m against doping. and me A.m against steroids. I don’t think it’s good. I don’t want my sons and daughters, I don’t want my grandchildren, I don’t want the pilots, I don’t want my squad, I don’t want my crew stoned. I don’t want them comfortably drugged. I don’t want to get up three times to get to the party. I don’t want to remind them how the song goes. I’ve had this all my life. And those people who are in charge of making this decision, they don’t like me because I’ve been on the board with the most votes for 25 years in the National Rifle Association. They somehow blame inanimate objects for the crime.”

He continued, “I know that Jimi Hendrix was a god, and Chuck Berry And Bo Didley And Joe Berry And Joe Bonamassa And Ricky Medlock And Billy Gibbons And Eddie Van Halen And Stevie Ray Fon. Of course they are the best. Steve Fay. Joe Satriani. Hell, in you [Johnson] in a Sami HajarThe band is unbelievable Guitar player. Derek St. Holmes he unbelievable Guitar player. Brad Whitford… I can continue to work – unlimited. But to think that I am not qualified to be among the top 100 guitarists in America is just a stupid lie. Case closed.”

Nugentnew studio album, “Detroit muscle”, on April 29, via sidewalk music. Follow 2018 Music made me do it registered with TedThe current band, which includes a guitarist Greg Smith and drummer Jason Hartless.

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