The problem with Dolby Atmos music is its inconsistency

It’s a time of nostalgia again when we’re all reminiscing with hazy eyes about the many seismic tech stories of the past 12 months (and excited about the products that might come this year). Unusual hiatus, they won’t, 2021 However, they managed to produce some great developments in the world of audio and video. Samsung has revived its relationship with OLED (although it doesn’t dare speak in the name of the technology), Sky has given up its dishes (sort of), and lossless audio is becoming more prevalent (even if we’re still waiting for Spotify’s promised HiFi layer).

Arguably one of the most far-reaching shifts in the landscape occurred after Apple announced back in May that it would add high-resolution Dolby Atmos-enabled spatial audio tracks to Apple’s music streaming service, at no additional cost to subscribers. Honestly, it has made ripples all over the music industry.

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