Top 21 K-Pop Songs of 2021

If you want to break down every artist’s debut, comeback album, EP, and more popular 2021 contributions to K-pop — there’s going to be an endless barrage of triumphant playlist essentials to cherish for decades. From hit musicians to aspiring rookies to discover their own place in the industry, there has been a veritable emergence of performers who have flourished artistically over the course of an unexpected year.

As 2021 approaches its final show, we’re collectively reminiscing over a dominant year for K-pop – and that comes doubly with the fun and responsibility of creating a selection of songs for 2021 to celebrate the impact that music can have. We’ve seen the chart-topping significance of TOMORROW X TOGETHER, the unexpected renovation of Pincode, the flourishing of dozens of artists with solo content doubling stylistically – or, conversely, branching out into something that qualifies to be fresh and contemporary.

While everyone has their own exciting K-pop preferences of the year, this collection of 21 songs best represents the diversity and awesomeness that K-pop has demonstrated over the course of 2021 through the eyes of PopWrapped Chief Staff and K-pop fan, Aidan. jovet.

Tomorrow X together: “0x1 = Lovesong (I know I love you) featuring Seori”

HYBE Group TXT was arguably the most successful year in terms of K-pop releases, making a huge impact on the Billboard and Gaon charts for their youthful spin on pop-punk creations. The group’s commitment to sound-driven versions despite any potential evolution of the genre made it impossible to ignore the raw simplicity of their talent – and the band’s ambiance for this unforgettable production paired with their efforts left listeners reasonably intrigued.


STAYC has come out of the gate swinging, with injury after injury since debuting in 2020 under Highup Entertainment. The band kicked off their impressive year with ‘ASAP’ a superb pop producer who has already proven to be showing mature evolutionary strides after debuting. Because of the vibrant pop talent and smooth (low-range) rap from group member J, “ASAP” has a lot of longevity behind it.

Itzy: “In the morning (MPA)”

ITZY became the fourth generation of K-pop queens in record time, and their powerful comeback song “In the Morning” showed a new side of ITZY that was hugely admired. from first listening, guess who The EP track captivated listeners with a style centered squarely on the EDM/lighter pop music ITZY had already created. Versatile queens indeed!

woo! ah!: “a scared (cowardly) cat”

When ooh! Uh! They returned in 2021 with a three-track race he wishes, not a single underdog musical act was missed. However, the B-side track “Scaredy Cat (겁쟁이)” only exudes optimism by living boldly – and woo’s overhauled vocal prowess! ah! completely Worth repeating.

Seventeen: “Same dream, same mind, same night (same dream, same mind, same night – vocal unit)”

It’s no stranger to Seventeen making an impact on year-end charts or ratings, but the R&B track produced by the group’s vocal unit may be one of the most memorable songs of recent years. With the sheer grace and certainty of their presence or a sense of nostalgia backed by nostalgia, it’s no surprise that months later, some (like me) are still revisiting the group’s song very Consistently.

Password: “Fire Saturday”

Nothing sets up a perfect Saturday like Secret Number’s latest comeback, as the still rookie group has seen changes to the latest squad and the addition of two new members to match Secret Number’s limited but exceptional appeal. The new music features a cool, retro-inspired twist of a dance track that remarkably introduces the untapped new potential of PIN – and there are plenty of fans who can’t wait to see what’s coming next for the group.

The Boys: “Exciting Journey”

The Boyz have already had a hit of their time with their presence in kingdom, in addition to hugely prominent album sales, so their new single “Thrill Ride” seemed like the most appropriate way to experience a comeback. The idea that only their careers have become makes the song’s energy more contagious, and the pure magic of their group’s chemistry attracts fans to experiment.

twice: “world”

TWICE will always be held in high esteem with K-pop listeners for their influence on the industry, but also for their memorable presence – making “Scientist” a hilarious and totally addictive treat. Seeing the group take on the brand’s carefree style of some of their previous singles – but in an entirely new and unique cycle reminds listeners of TWICE’s untouchable reputation when it comes to consistent sound falsification.

HYO: “Second (featuring BIBI)”

Girls’ Generation member, DJ, producer, and songwriter are some of HYO’s recent music labels, and its 2021 “Second” solo listeners with a rush of pop music that makes you feel happy. With a dance break moment ready for HYO and a verse for another soloist (BIBI) to accommodate the desired situation – HYO presents another great moment in K-pop history.

Pentagon: “1 + 1”

The Pentagon has a way of winning people over with their personality and musicality combined – and the “1+1” dark horse hit might be one of the best special moments of the year. The song is easily her best dive into the world of pop-R&B, and of all the songs on the playlist, it’s one of our favorites from the group’s near-perfect playlist. Each member of the Pentagon contributes something exceptional to the group, and 1 + 1 gives each current member a chance to “shine”, (with exceptionThe flair of rapper Wooseok!)

AB6IX: “Close”

AB6IX is a well-oiled four-man instrument with an uncompromising drive for music, so the idea that their version of “CLOSE” became their best dance track (and best songs in general) showed the potential to continue on a promising track. The single kicks off the prominence of uptempo pop music and successfully incorporates the necessary strong rhythm – which leads to something amazing when you meet their formidable vocal abilities.

Dreamcatcher: “Alldaylong”

City-pop is the kind of game that always has the ability to spark a relaxed, laid-back vibe – but still feels satisfying when done right, and Dreamcatcher’s choice of water-testing has exceeded all expectations. The ambient, hypnotic approach to its relaxed release was a softer turn in the direction of the Dreamcatcher, so you know we’ll love the unexpected trajectory of this veteran group for the foreseeable future.

BM: “Body Moven”

BM’s transition to solo stardom has been an amazing journey to watch, and through him he released so many songs to choose from – “Body Movin” was a standout release that you can’t help but yearn for. The synthetic, almost whistle-like tone that bounces off the track delivers a fast-paced BM and a great action that has kept many listeners dancing all year long.

P1Harmony: “If you call me”

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a clear appreciation of a few R&B releases on this list, which makes P1Harmony’s addition to the rookie group a staple of the year. The members who make up the group have such handling of their own skill set and plausible influence that the end result of the emotional appeal in “If You Call Me” offers nothing short of a first-class reveal of raw experience.

JEON SOYEON: “Beam Beam”

(G) I-DLE leader and rapper, singer-songwriter Jeon So-yeon brought her A-game with “Beam Beam” which is a guitar-filled pop-rock composer. What made this course an even more daring business was the fact that it put the entire weight of the comeback on a style that goes against current authoritative trends. This self-confidence in her music made Summer Anthem a song that expands her already comprehensive view of music for more than a limited amount of time.

STAYC: “complicated”

After overwhelmingly popping sugary pop music with “ASAP,” STAYC is back with its third (and second this year) release. Type. Even with a more desirable rendering of the lead song, the “Compound” Black Horse track highlights an R&B fairy tale with blissful, upbeat landscapes. Another big win for STAYC, and quite possibly, a great start to the movies!

Taeyeon: “Weekend”

Taeyeon is one of the kings of K-pop in every sense of the word, and her 2021 comeback single “Weekend” took a quieter approach, celebrating her career with some much-needed relaxation. This esteemed Girls Generation leader has a timeless and eccentric voice that has us yearning for a universally cherished moment of the week. The music video for “Weekend” emphasizes this effect and sound, with a light pink form of escape the world could benefit from.

T-ARA: “All the Killing”

The legends of second-generation K-pop T-ARA have given fans some of the sexiest dance tracks in a decade – only to return with a sound that sounds like a classic second-generation sound, fused with a futuristic blend of country western. The killer group finds itself as an underestimated B-side track on the anniversary of T-ARA’s return and reminds the idols of the next generation that they have a lot to offer.

WONHO: “blue”

WONHO has some of the most welcoming and likable idol energy – and his single “Blue” evokes a sense of irresistible enthusiasm for life. The singer has always maintained his place as one of the most talented artists due to his overall generosity, and “Blue” joins his previous hit songs as something that now feels most authentic to the countless talent and loyal personality that fans of WONHO have long recognized.

Golden Child: “Ocean Floor”

If 2021 is a year of relaxed releases and new terrain, Golden Child has found time to satisfy my two fan bases with their second studio album, game changer. “Bottom of the Ocean” at first might sound like a cute backing track to a traditional Golden Child album — but the boy band’s early 2000s sound sounded like the most satisfying challenge they could have achieved during that era. Golden Child’s vocal reach and support for the band leaves us hoping for a big concert with a live performance to really underscore their musical stability.

Brave Girls: “Fever”

Endearing the Brave Girls’ endless acclaim was the best (most satisfying) K-pop moment of 2021, but even so, their underappreciated track “Fever” excites diversity in the group’s music. The mid-tempo elements of “Fever” and the flavor of disco are the perfect vehicles for the Brave Girls’ well-trained vocals – becoming a song just as worthy as the hit “Rollin” for another wave of love.

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