Vio Lence released their first original song in 29 years, “Meat from Bone”

VIO-LENCE released its first original song in 29 years,

San Francisco Bay Area Shields violence back with “meat from bone”Their first song in 29 years. The track comes from the upcoming EP, “Let the world burn”Their first original release since 1993 “Nothing to gain”. The five-song set will be available worldwide on March 4th via metal blade records.

“This is the first violence A song I wrote nearly 30 years ago,” the founding guitarist admits Phil DeMille. “I wanted to keep some of these early eternal nightmare [debut album, 1988] Sound traits but instilled a lot of what I’ve put into my songwriting arsenal over the decades. “meat from bone” He has frantic swipes/fingering and solo trade-offs which are pretty old school and I wear my effects on my sleeve with a little displacement– And the killerInspired riffs. “

front man Sean Killian Add: ““meat from bone” He reflects on the true suffering of man during the dark ages of history. Laws and rules people love Vlad the Impaler It is not broken. If you do, your judgment will be impasse, or worse. Death in battle means suffering.”

kilian He continues: “For 34 years, he called creation eternal nightmare He was making memories for people all over the world. Now is the time to create some new memories in 2022. I am very proud of the new music we have created, and we are fortunate to have worked with some very creative people. Nothing is too polished here, unless shards of glass and broken razor blades are what you consider polished. I love creativity and hopefully your heads will explode when you hear what’s new violence. “

Fill out the band’s ranks on “Let the world burn” side by side Demel And kilian She is the original drummer Perry Strickland, former Overkill guitar player Bobby Gustafson and previously Fear Factory Guitarist Christian Old Wolpers.

“Let the world burn” registered with Juan Ortiaga in a Trident Studios (certificateAnd machine headAnd displacement), with confused by Tuesday Madison (kicked outAnd interesting) And Grammy AwardAward-Winning Engineer Ted Jensen (Alice in chainsAnd shortcomingsAnd Pantera).

“Let the world burn” Playlist

01. meat from bone

02. always screaming

03. on their cross

04. black cat

05. Let the world burn

In a recent interview with Mark Kadzilawa From 69 faces of a rockAnd Demel mention about him “Let the world burn”: “We decided to write [some new material]. I didn’t want to make a full recording. Only ten tones… I have a baby at home. I have a five-year-old who has the highest energy and fatigue. So my time is so precious and I don’t have time to write an entire log. I just felt like, let’s take small steps with the band and see if we can write a few notes – maybe do three or four notes. It ended up being a five-song EP.”

About the songwriting process for “Let the world burn”And Demel He said, “Man, in the 16 years I’ve been in it [MACHINE HEAD]There were difficult moments, but in the end, there were none. And you’ve written great songs. I’ve always had riff sounds, but it was sexy… damn it, [I’m writing an] comprehensive song. I wanted to capture some moments from eternal nightmare [VIO-LENCE‘s 1988 debut album]There are some signatures violence The voices I wanted to perpetuate and carry on. But also, since I’ve been playing batting quite a bit as well, my right hand has gotten a lot stronger. I play the best I’ve ever played. So I pay the rent. These are not songs you pick up in Guitar Center and only play in Guitar Center; It is very difficult to play. I wanted to pay everyone in this sense.”

He continued, “I need [Perry] To be able to accept this material in a language I can speak with. I had to teach him how to understand my language. And it was difficult. It was exhausting. He and I were in a room…Mostly, this recording was written musically…I wrote the music but with Berry For… 99 percent of it was just me and him in a room we’re knocking on. So I’m very proud of him for what he played in scoring. They are some of his best shows. It’s definitely the best game I’ve ever scored. near the end of my time in [MACHINE HEAD]I haven’t been tracking beats, so it’s been a long time since I’ve actually tracked a metal log. I did it for BPMD Log and track those beats, but damn, that’s a record, so tracking the beats was a refreshing and cool thing to me. We did it with Juan Ortiaga In place, and it’s great to work with. I had a good time. It was just a great experience to sign up with Berry. I’m kind of letting Shun He does his own thing as he lowers his vocals. Shun is just ruining it on these songs, man; His voice is unique. And no one is like him. He’s evil, man. Because he had a real high record that he was singing in 1988, and there are moments of that, really, now. But the place is dark, man – it sings the dark. I love it too. I love his words. He’s the favorite songwriter I’ve ever worked with. He’s smart, smart and he has something to do. I totally enjoy his words.”

in August 2020, violence released a new digital song, “California Above All”, cover version of Dead Kennedys classic. The band also filmed a music video for the song with the director Scott Kirking.

violence He released three studio albums between 1988 and 1993. The band met soon after Demel the left machine head in late 2018.

The band made their first comeback concert in April 2019 at the Oakland Metro in Oakland, California and spent most of the ensuing months playing select shows in the United States and Europe.

although machine head confrontation leader Rob Flynn was part of violenceClassic incarnation and played on the band’s debut album, “Eternal Nightmare”, has not been contacted about participating in any of the comeback offers.

kilian She underwent a successful liver transplant in March 2018. The previous year, kilian He was diagnosed with stage 4 cirrhosis, which was caused in part by a genetic condition called hemochromatosis.

violencehis last album, “Nothing to gain”, was recorded in August 1990, but not released until 1993.

image credit: James Willard

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