Why does Brandi want her daughter Sy’Rai to follow in her footsteps and continue the family tradition

Brandi’s daughter, Sy’Rai, shows that musical talent runs in the family. She has showcased her vocal talent on open mic nights around Los Angeles and recently revealed that she is working on her own music project. Fortunately, she has her mother, known as the Audio Bible, to help guide her. The singer says she is glad that Serai is following suit.

Brandi and her daughter Sy'Rai smiling together

Brandi Norwood with her daughter Serai Smith congratulating fans at the Ambassapore Theater before her Broadway debut ceremony on Opening Night 2015 | Walter McBride / Getty Images

Brandy wants Sy’Rai to follow suit and she will help her along the way

In the past few years, Brandi’s daughter Sy’Rai has begun to show off her own vocal ability. She even appeared on Brandi’s latest album, B7. It makes Brandy proud to see Sy’rai shine.

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